About Me

I first experienced God’s call to ministry at the young age of 16, when I was worshiping at an All-Georgia Lutheran Youth Gathering.  I went to college as a Theology/Pre-Seminary major with the intention of going to seminary to focus on Youth & Family Ministry.  Throughout my college years, I had various experiences in the church which infuriated me and convinced me that “the church” or organized religion, is not true to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ – the one we claim to follow.  I thought that I could do real ministry better in the world instead of from the pulpit and went to law school instead.

The deep sense of call I experienced at 16 never left me, and the I spent my three years in law school trying to figure out how to say yes to God’s call while not going to work for the church.  Having not had a real church home since I was 18, finding a church to call home became a priority for me.  In December of 2003, I stumbled upon First Lutheran Church in Strongsville, Ohio and knew the minute I stepped in the door it was the place I was to call home for the next few years.  I very quickly made First Church my home and in May 2004 joined the staff part time as Gift-Based Ministry Coordinator.  This experience was an incredible one – but I decided I needed to focus on my studies and find a legal internship and left the staff just a year later.  I continued to worship at First Church and it became a safe haven for me in the midst of tumultuous times.  As graduation approached, I received a job offer in Blairsville, Georgia – where my parents lived.  Saying goodbye to First Church was the hardest part of leaving Ohio.  I was moving to a place where I knew I would have a near impossible time of finding a church to call home.

My intial job only lasted a few months before I decided my boss and I didn’t see eye to eye on how to treat clients and in November 2006 I went to a highly regarded firm in Hayesville, NC to focus on estate administration and small estate planning, with a little bit of real estate.  At the end of January 2008, my boss had to let me go due to financial restraints on the firm.  Instead of seeing this as a disaster to my career, the instant it happened I felt a huge sense of relief – like God had given me an opportunity to jump off the ledge and trust that He would lead me in the direction He had prepared for me.

I moved to Atlanta in April 2008 and worked for a brief period at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Midtown.  For various reasons, none of which are very important, I left Redeemer in July and I now serve as Director of Children & Youth Ministry at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in Marietta, GA.  After one week, I knew that I was finally doing that which God has created me to do.  It is an amazing experience and a great joy.


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